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Wheel Balancing
Correctly balanced wheels provide a smooth ride for motorists and are important for ensuring safety on the road. Here we look at what the symptoms of unbalanced wheels are… 

  • Vibrations
    • One of the most common signs of unbalanced wheels is a vibration in the steering wheel when driving.
  • Uneven or excessive tread wear
    • Perhaps one of the easiest ways to identify unbalanced wheels is by looking for signs of uneven or excessive tread wear.  Tyres that wear unevenly will compromise the structural integrity of the tyre which could lead to a blowout. This is because the tyre is wearing thin in one place weakening the rubber.
  • Steering problems
    • As discussed above, an uneven rotation of the wheels can be felt through the steering wheel as a vibration. This can be problematic as it can impact your ability to steer in a particular direction if needed. 
  • Bad Shock Absorbers and Wheel Bearings
    • The uneven rotation of unbalanced tyres can also affect your shock absorbers and wheel bearings too.
  • Poor Fuel Economy
    • Wheels that rotate unevenly require more power from your car, more power in turn leads to an increase in the use of fuel.

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