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  • Albert Lim
    Albert Lim

    “I took my car in for rear suspension issue, and they were much cheaper than when I’d had the front ones replace a few weeks ago. And then a another month later I thought I had a problem with my car, and when they took a look and found nothing wrong (my bad… it was my mistake), they insisted that I didn’t have to pay the evaluation charge.Fast, fair and affordable. Thumbs up to this workshop”

  • Bruce Tay
    Bruce Tay

    “I have known Vincent from Car Care Centre as we are neighbours. Their head mechanic took awesome care of my BMW. I had to have it towed to the shop as I had trouble starting the car and in a couple of days, they had it running better than it had in a long time.”
    “I would recommend them to anyone that needs help with their vehicle. Thank you for taking great care of my car!”

  • Cai Junfeng

    Positive: Professionalism, Value”
    “New management but same group of mechanic to assist and provide you details explanation on servicing of your car.”

  • Caroline Siow
    Caroline Siow

    “Value for money servicing package. Great customer service and nice air-con waiting area. Opposite canteen to catch a bite while waiting. Special atomizing sterilizer to kill bacteria in the car.”

  • chua wilfred
    chua wilfred

    “Thankful for mechanic’s attention to detail, credit to your servicing works. Satisfied customer, Wilfred”

  • Damian Ng
    Damian Ng

    “Shout out to Kumar! A very friendly guy who ran me through the scope of the servicing. He is very service oriented and ensure that he carefully explains all that he is planning to do for my car’s servicing.”
    “He is assuring and that’s a plus because I do not have any worries and I am certain he will make sure he does right by his customer. No pushy hard sell but transparent quotation of the possible works to be done and parts to be replaced.”
    “Oh, he speaks mandarin too. To the point that I forgot I am communicating with a non-Chinese. 😅”
    “He was the reason I decided to go with Car Care Centre to do my major servicing. A genuinely friendly guy.”
    “Shop is relatively new and is conveniently located beside a coffeeshop. This means you can enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for the works to be done. Definitely a plus!”
    “Since I did a major servicing, they were kind and generous enough to throw in a free alignment and fogging service. And yes, Kumar showed me a video to assure me that the fogging was indeed done even though I did not request for it. Very much appreciated as well!”

  • Daniel Goh
    Daniel Goh

    “Really great auto service centre these guys had me in and out, most places I’ve been were to take at least an hour before they tell you that your car is being worked on.
    Very prompt service and affordable and fair pricing. The owner Vincent, was nice and sincere and didn’t make me feel pressured to do any work that I couldn’t afford. He even offered to wait for me to come pick my car up when I wasn’t sure if I could make it by their closing time. This shop was recommended by my co-worker; I will definitely bring my family car here next time it needs repair.”
    “And this place is really neat and clean and space for me to do some work while waiting. I would definitely recommend to anyone…”

  • Desmond Yeong
    Desmond Yeong

    “Quality service, experience mechanic, no hard sell of products and recommend what needs to be replaced. Nice and spacious waiting lounge with beverages and strong wifi connection.”

  • DooDoo Saa Saa Soh
    DooDoo Saa Saa Soh

    “Mechanic Chong… Very professional and provide awesome service… Will definitely recommend all my friends to Car Care Centre… “

  • Jim Loh
    Jim Loh

    “Like to do servicing and repair over here, price reasonable.”

  • Mak

    “Great Service Advice with Comfortable and Spacious Lounge”

  • Marcus Fan
    Marcus Fan

    “Vincent and his Team has very good knowledge about cars.”
    “When it comes to automobile service, they employ skilled technicians that use cutting-edge technologies to completely examine the condition at all times.”
    “All of their services are available at a fair price, making them the finest automobile repair with quality without breaking the bank!”

  • Mark Hua
    Mark Hua

    “I took my Vehicle in to this Car Care Centre for the steering issue that had been bothering me for months. Tan was straight forward on cost and quality of the parts that he used (camber kit). Just a simple alignment issue, with the camber kit he install. No more steering offset to one side. There’s nothing more important than honesty and integrity in the auto service industry and Tan owned it. It was a pleasure doing business and getting to know him!”

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    “Mechanic is able to diagnose and fix car issue instantly. Excellent and friendly services. Will recommend to friends and relatives.”

  • Philip Koh

    “I’ve known Vincent Soh from Car Care Centre P/L for a long time.”
    “Recently my Mercedes C200K have jerking issue. Went to my regular workshop in Soon Lee area but wasn’t able to diagnose the fault even using the diagnostic computer. After some try and error stuff, I felt perplexed and frustrating.”
    “Spoke to a friend and he told me that Vincent’s workshop is nearby. Without hesitation, I drove to his workshop. He was surprised but gave me a hearty welcome.”
    “I told him my problem and immediately his team start the diagnostic test to my car where I was sitting at his lounge having a cup of coffee chatting with him. Awhile later, his chief mechanic told me that my car’s throttle body have issue and I told him to repair it. Immediately it was put to work with ordering the parts. While waiting for the parts, he is checking on any possible issue. All done up within an hour after the parts came.”
    “Since then, my car’s jerking issue has been resolved. Kudos to Vincent and his team.”
    “I sincerely would like to recommend them to anyone that needs a vehicle mechanic/workshop.”

  • Robert G
    Robert G

    “I was being told about this issue I have and the cost is high. A friend recommended this workshop and this is how it goes…”
    “The service was great. Was informed about the problem, the cost and the time frame of repair needed. True 2 their word, it was done in time as they said and cost was exactly what they quoted me. No surprises here. Just good quality service all around. Am recommending (Chong) to my family and friends.
    Thanks a lot (Chong). You are my hero!”

  • Truffle Soh
    Truffle Soh

    “Honest and Trustworthy wkshop. Send my car over and got it back like new… Awesome service and price is also very reasonable… Thanks for taking care of my car… “

  • Vernon Soh
    Vernon Soh

    “Ive been using this mechanic (Mr Chong) for quite a few years. He is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, fair, and clear. He has experience in many makes. Highly recommend without reservation. I remember my car needed a new fuel pump. Took my car in and had the repairs done in the same day. Had my fuel filter changed as well. Didn’t have issues and the car got the power back.”
    “Great shop! a bunch of good mechanic and these guys were above amazing! It’s hard to find a team of good honest mechanic and this is one of them! 10/10 have already recommend to all my friends & family”

  • Weilliang Chan
    Weilliang Chan

    “Excellent Service and Mechanic very honest + detailed explanation. Workshop is big and comfortable. Thumbs up.”

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