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Nitrogen Gas Top up @ $25 / service

Nitrogen Gas
Just like oxygen, nitrogen also escapes from the tyre quite slowly in case of punctures, As for nitrogen, giving it more time to run until it gets to the nearest repair station.

In case of tyres, when the temperature increases, the air pressure inside the tyre increases and when the outside temperature decreases, the tyre pressure also acts as directly proportional to it.

Advantages of Nitrogen inflated tyres:

  • Running temperature
    • Nitrogen reduces the running temperature of your tyre.
  • Stability
    • Nitrogen is more stable than oxygen. When compared with oxygen inflated tyres, the rise in temperatures during the heat cycle remains moderate in nitrogen inflated tyres. Tyres’s pressure increases when it is exposed to high temperature. Nitrogen provides a more stable pressure range in relation to tyre temperature.
  • Life span
    • Nitrogen increases tyre life. The speed of wearing of your tyres hugely depends on the operating temperature of the tyres. So, it could be beneficial to your tyre if the temperature is reduced at high speeds and load.
  • Reaction
    • Nitrogen does not react with the metal wheel rim or the tyre materials. On the other hand, oxygen might react with the moisture present in the tyre and cause oxidation. This will form rust in the components.

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