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Engine Overhaul from $2880

Car Engine Overhaul
Basically, what an engine overhaul consists of.

  • Taking your engine apart, clean it up and replace any damaged engine parts or seals.
  • Replacing the pistons rings, cylinder liners & all pistons. /li>
  • Every nut, bolt and removable part must be cleaned and replaced with new, original factory engine parts.
  • and then put it everything back together like new.

Engine issue
When a car’s engine begins to sound ‘funny’, when it idles, while it is accelerating, or as it turns off, then you may need an engine overhaul. Even smoke billowing from the exhaust pipe, or if your car runs too hot, it could spell serious engine damage. It is hard to say without a check-up from a reputable workshop like Car Care Centre.

Book your appointment at Car Care Centre. Skilled, experienced and certified mechanic will carry out repair and maintenance services or Engine Overhaul if needed.

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