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Engine Oil Replacement (Car Servicing Package)

Whether you use your vehicle as a station wagon or have a demanding commute, regular car maintenance is essential. Naturally, it's essential to change your engine oil at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer. While some cars consume hardly any engine oil, others can burn off or drip plenty. That's why it makes sense to check your oil level frequently between oil changes, as running with a low oil level increases stress on the engine and can seriously reduce the working life of the oil and the engine. Many people use their friendly mechanic to do the job.At Car Care Centre, we ensure that your oil replacement are well taken care of. Our mechanic will remove your oil filter during oil changes and replace to keep your oil purified. At Car Care Centre, How Does we do it?

  • Your car will be elevated
  • Engine oil (old) drained
  • Oil filter (old) removed
  • Filled up with New engine oil
Our Engine Oil replacement package Include… Wide range of engine oil to chosen or recommend by our mechanics but customers are always free to choose their preferred oil. Important points : Regular oil changes are just about the best thing you can do to maintain the power and efficiency of your car, not to mention helping you to get the longest life out of the engine. Your engine oil can become saturated and polluted with contaminants. Eventually decreasing its performance. That's why it's good to know when to change engine oil. Those car may not be used most of the time, like parked in the parking lot. engine oil will get harden and your engine will work harder and eventually decreasing its performance, power and efficiency. Recommended changing the engine oil at 8k mileage or 4 months, whichever is earlier, to prevent the oil from turning into sludge. Pull the engine oil dipstick from the engine block; the healthy engine oil will be golden brown in colour. If it is black or dark brown, it represents that it is time to get the engine oil change.

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