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Engine Flushing & Protection @ $60 / service

Engine Flush
Engine flush is a special cleaner that…

  • Removes sediment, soiling, mud and wear products from engine wear.
  • Precisely cleans the lubricating system.
  • Unclogs hydraulic valve lifters, Variable Valve Timing Systems and piston rings.
  • Neutralizes crankcase acids.
  • Prevents contamination of fresh oil.

Engine Protection
Engine Protector is a highly effective additive for modern engine oils of gasoline and diesel cars.

  • Protects piston rings and hydraulic tappets against wear and corrosion due to aggressive fuel combustion residues.
  • Reduces friction and unnecessary overheating in the engine.
  • Prevents direct metal-to-metal contact
  • Increases the resistance of engine parts to wear and high-temperature corrosion.
  • Prevents the oil film from breaking ensures favorable friction conditions reduces fuel consumption
  • Guarantees reliable engine operation under difficult conditions.
  • Improves engine reliability - performance
  • Protects against corrosion oxidation rust and wear

Injection Cleaner
Injection Cleaner helps boost the cleanliness and performance of your engine

  • by reducing the deposits in your fuel injectors and inlet valves by up to 70% as compared to standard fuel.
  • Restore an optimal combustion
  • with this cleaner which reduces corrosion and formulation of deposits
  • prevents jamming of the fuel pumps
  • Restores an optimal combustion
  • revitalizing your engine for your subsequent drives.
  • Compatible with all types of gasoline engines

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